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I was born with three legs and was removed at birth. Unable to use that power, I travelled the world with hopes that one day I will be reunited once more with my missing piece.

With professional background in training and recruitment operations, I am doing social media management on the side. I am currently working on a mobile app that will change the landscape of personal services in the Philippines while providing revenue to unemployed Filipinos with unfulfilled potentials.

I am currently exploring the Philippines. One town at a time

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Although mas masarap pag naligaw, it's still advisable that you research the place to visit beforehand. Simple stuff like where to eat, what to ride and what to expect lang. Wag lahat!

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Save phone numbers, address ng embahada (if you're abroad) or email address ng mga tao who made your trip memorable. Just in case babalikan mo ang place, you know where and who to connect.

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Wag epal. Wag pa importante. Wag mag request ng chicken joy kung marami nyan sa Jollibee. Explore, eat, sleep and do what the locals do. Wag maghanap ng ginto kung putik ang nasa harapan.

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Wag solohin ang experience. Share it to others na hindi pa buo ang savings for the trip. Give helpful tips to those that requires it. Itago mo din ang lahat ng ticket, boarding pass at environmental pass kasama ang mga documentary stamps. Souvenir lang.

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Take as many shots as possible para may options ka. Kung pinanganak ka ng wala sa anggulo ang fes, mag effort kang magpractice. Take pictures like you're never coming back to that place.

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Be nice to everyone. It's a domino effect. If locals have something to say about your behaviour then they would be adamant to other tourist after you. Smile and don't judge people. Don't make it appear that they will steal from you.

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Jimenez, Misamis Occidental

This town is not only rich in history. They also have the best of both worlds can offer.
The hospitality of their people is extraordinary.

This is the house that mints money during the revolutionary government of WWII. It was during this period that the President transferred its capital to Misamis Occidental and the official currency was minted right at this house.

Casa Ozamiz. A private home of Jose Ozamiz, former senator and hero.

They claimed to have the oldest balete in the country. True enough, this tree is located right at their century old cemetery. Epitaphs are quite scary to look at dating as far as 17th century.

Your trip to this town is not complete without trying their hot chocolate and their famous torta, suman and mangga.

Declared as a national cultural treasure in 2011, San Juan Bautista Parish Church was erected in 
 1862 and was completed in 1880. The church was designed in a true Renaissance fashion of baroque architecture.

Panaon, Misamis Occidental

This sleepy town is proud of it's 40kms of coastline that is a long stretch of resorts and private dwellings. The black sand beach is famous for Punta Meriam, Villa Tagalog among others. It's a swimming capital so to speak.

Oklahoma Islands, Misamis Occidental

This famous island resort in the town of Baliangao, Misamis Occidental is home to white sand beaches and pristine clear blue waters.

It's cottages comes cheap and staying overnight is highly recommended.

Baliangao, Misamis Occidental

Baliangao Protected Landscape and Seascape is a sand bar in the town of Baliangao, Misamis Occidental. It's a protected park for the fish and other marine life.

Siloy Lake, Calamba, Misamis Occidental

Siloy is about 10.5 kms from the town proper of Calamba.

Water rides are available too and meals are served on the floating cottage.

This amazing man-made lake is starting to get noticed by tourists due to its tranquil and serene landscape.

7 cities, 5 provinces, 35 attractions all in 4 days

Sounds impossible but true!

It literally started with  breakfast in Ozamiz City, lunch in Dipolog City and dinner at Casablanca Restaurant and some drinks at Hayahay in Dumaguete.

And just like how it started, it ends with dinner at The Social at Ayala Terraces in Cebu City and  a Buffet 101 brunch at Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

That was a trip charged to an amazing experience. Not included in the figures are at least 42 towns and municipalities along the way. 

Yes you read it right. It was a journey to Bohol the gypsy way.

Leaving Ozamiz City in Northern Mindanao all the way to Oroquieta, Dapitan, Dipolog, Dumaguete, Tagbilaran, Cebu and finally Pasay City.

The trip includes 3 ferry transfers, more than 9 hours of bus ride and an unlimited mileage of motorcycle ride.

But it was worth it.

The trip gives at least 4 beach resorts, 3 resort springs, 10 historical sites, 11 old churches, 5 natural reserves and 2 airports.

Still unbelievable?

Click this link to check for the album

The mystic and fiery island of Siquijor

This island was never called Isla del Fuego for nothing. It's sunset is burning!

With only 6 towns in its entirety, Siquijor can be traversed in less than a day. Going island rounds is highly recommended for tourists who loves ocean and tons of tans.

With its amazing people and a culture that's full of mystery and superstition, this island has more to offer than your dreaded knowledge of witchcraft and voodoo rituals.

I suggest visiting the island when it's at its peak.

Try the holy week and experience the local vibes of faith healing, traditional rituals and the actual witches and wizard up close and personal on the mountains called Bandilaan.

I trust, your views and opinion about the mystic island of Siquijor will never be the same again.

Cambugahay Falls, Siquijor

Cambugahay Falls boast its magnificent 3 tier of freshwater falls. The descent to the river is not for the faint hearted. With almost a hundred step down and vice versa, your agility will be surely tested.

But behold the views are great.

Swimming is of course highly recommended.

Bawbawon Island, Plaridel, Misamis Occidental

With beautiful lawns and a fine white sand that adorned its coastline, Baobawon Island in Plaridel, Misamis Occidental is a real paradise.

But like most paradise, getting through this beautiful creation will unfold more amazing landscape and views through its magnificent mangrove forest and a boardwalk that makes you walk with real pleasure.

Support local tourism

Travelling these days are more instant compared to some years back. The existence of low cost carrier and the accessibility of roll-on, roll-off mode of transportation brings even more island closer to each other.

Perhaps that is the best part of living in a country full of island. You will never run out of escapades

Blood Compact Shrine - Bohol

I was so excited to check this place but it looks like this is nothing short of an understatement to a rich history this monument stands for. No doubt about the artwork. It's superb. But the small place, the lack of historical marker, the absence of any historical notation and the "becoming a marketplace" sanctuary is unacceptable.

Perhaps the local government can do more.

Panikian - the island named after bats but houses something else

The trip was not planned at all.

I have little expectations. Not even excited to see yet another beach but after an hour when it was finally decided a go, we were all in a bus heading to Pagadian. Leaving Ozamiz at 9PM and should be in Pagadian by 11pm more or less.

I decided to sleep and imagine what's in store at least.

We arrived Pagadian in it's most unholy hour and decided to get some nomnoms before finding a place for a night. It's better than Ozamiz i suppose. Bars are still on and some half drunk people are on the street. But we didn't come their to party. Just for a night and then off to our destination an hour and a half from Pagadian in the Northern tip of Zamboanga Peninsula.

The first trip to Pitogo, Zamboanga del Sur started early at 5am. The dilapidated van that will take you to the town cost 100 pesos. Don't expect too much though, it's stopover is limitless for so long as passengers need some hitch.

We arrived at the sleepy town of Pitogo at 7am. It was peaceful, quite and a place to retire. We head off to the fish market to get some fresh catch. Fishermen were busy paddling their boats for the freshest catch of the day.

From the shorelines of Pitogo, Panikian Island is around 45 minutes boat ride. The calm seas would freak you out but seeing the corals through the clearest of water is satisfying.

Mistaken as the Turtle Island, Panikian Island is home to the endangered sea turtles. Locals were trying to correct every tourist to call it Panikian. According to local folklore, the island was once a haven of paniki, local dialect for bats, thus the name Panikian.

Panikian Island boost an amazing ecosystem that is worthy of preservation. Maintaining its pristine condition is amazing. Tourist would either lay some straw beds on the sands or get some shade under the coconut trees due to the absence of infrastructure except for a non functional restroom. No complaints. Its an amazing strategy to keep the island in its most natural state.

It's a small island you can walk its shoreline in 15 minutes. 
it has a small lagoon that becomes a pool during high tide.

More than its fine white sand beach and clear waters, the Island is home to a variety of corals and sea turtles that breeds on its shores.

Tara! Byahe tayo! Let's make memories together (chos)!

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